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Containers 250g« Fruit boxes

The P200 fruit and vegetable containers provide optimum protection for fruit and vegetables against impact and deformation in difficult distribution conditions and help to preserve nutritional and taste values. The use of high-quality recycled paper in the production process of the containers provides adequate protection for your products.

High-quality manufacturing and a superior shape make the containers aesthetic for consumers. Special ventilation holes ensure that fruit and vegetables retain their freshness for longer.

By using paper pulp containers, you can be sure that the packaging will not visually affect your products and will not leave any unpleasant odours.

The containers are used for single-use packaging, transport and storage of fresh food. It is recommended that only fresh and undamaged products are placed in the containers.

Technical data

  • 150 - 200 g
  • paper pulp
  • 137 × 87 × 50 mm (± 2 mm )
  • 8 g (± 1 g)
  • 1 120
  • 22 400